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I live in Nevada City, CA with my husband Steve. I am a retired 7th and 8th grade English, Art and Drama teacher. I thought it would be fun to share the"Markie Stories" featuring our son Mark Miller, age 24. When a parent hears they have a special needs child, grieving and isolation often follow. Maybe because we finally "got" Mark raised up, that, now we see how funny it was at times. And we definitely know how how proud we are of him and ourselves.

2011 National Down Syndrome Congress Convention

Check out the web site for the National Down syndrome Congress Convention- I’ll be there and Mark will be attending the related but separate convention for persons with Down syndrome. He went last year and had a blast. I highly … Continue reading

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Beware the Well Intentioned Rule: “It Goes in the Water” –Not!

Eventually, we heard the musical sound of “plunky dunk” and would celebrate long and loud,– repeating the rule, “ Yay, Poopie goes in the water!” Like most toddlers Mark could not wait to see his little turds whirling in circles into the toilet’s deep beyond. “See Markie, Poopie goes in the nice clean water!” Continue reading

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It Goes In The Water! Down syndrome Potty Training

WE always met Special Needs parents who thought modifications were an admission of failure or an embarrassment. Go figure. We learned to find’em, invent’em, and USE’EM! Continue reading

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Writer’s Block Scenario

Thanks for the all out requests for Markie Stories! I have not had as much Writer’s Block , but as much as life has been busy. Mark and I have been out rocking the community to find out where he … Continue reading

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Writer’s block…

Hi all, this is Ryan speaking. I am Carmella’s oldest son and administrator of this blog. I think I need to summon the power of group motivation and encouragement to help my mom get over writers block. We all love … Continue reading

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