Welcome-Down Syndrome Blog

Welcome to Carmella’s Corner, a blog on raising a child with Down syndrome.

Thank you for visiting our blog, please visit the About Us page for a little background.

The entries posted are not exactly in order, however most of them are good reads on their own.

Thank you to everyone who helped us raise Mark and thank you for reading.

  • To get started, let’s head to the beginning, Mark Was Born. Once you have finished a post, look to the upper corners to navigate to other posts.

Feel free to jump around too, here are the entries so far.

  1. Mark Was Born
  2. Friends in The Recovery Room
  3. At Home in the Living Room
  4. The Announcement, Infant Stimulation and Sign Language
  5. The Sibling
  6. Locomotion: The Jib-Skid
  7. Bonanza and The Hot Dog Man
  8. Free Food
  9. Adopt-a-Family Program
  10. The IEP Raisin Test 6/16/10
  11. Learning From Peers and Demanding the Best 6/21/10
  12. Out in Public 7/6/10
  13. Mrs. Scary’s Preschool 7/12/10
  14. Down syndrome Day Care and Preschool 7/13/10
  15. Fairy Tails 7/19/10
  16. Family of the Year New 7/31/10

We’ll shoot for weekly additions from the archives, subscribe to this blog to get them instantly.

1 Response to Welcome-Down Syndrome Blog

  1. Holly Parker says:

    Hi Carmella,
    I’m so happy to see you posting your Markie stories. I’ve loved hearing them over the years, but it’s different to read them. Very poignant, but your sense of humor still comes through. I think you definitely have a book in the making here, you are such a good writer!

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